National Geographic Magazine, September 2013

A dent in the armour of denial of the mainstream media: National Geographic magazine (September 2013 issue) has come out and said it.

Here are some highlights from their article "Rising Sea Levels", nicely timed to arrive in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists by the first anniversary of hurricane Sandy. In May the carbon-dioxide content of the atmosphere has passed 400 parts per million, higher than any time in the last three million years. From another source ("Smelling Land" by David Sanborn Scott) I have it that in the past half million years temperatures (hence sea levels) have fallen and risen in lockstep with carbon-dioxide content of the atmosphere.

This lockstep is on the timescale of half a million years. However closely one peers at the graphs, one can't tell whether the temperature follows by a few years or by a few decades.Of course, persons in power (government ministers, oil company executives) will fervently acknowledge that this requires action, yet at the same time will note that nothing drastic is likely to happen in the five years that they are still in power, so can continue politics.